Charlies Story: Managing Debt, Saving and Budgeting


Now I am on benefits while I look for work I am finding it difficult to do the things my friends want to do. The guys are talking about going on our first lad’s holiday but I am worried I won’t be able to afford it and I can’t ask my mum to pay.

I find money a really awkward thing to talk about and I don’t want my friends to find out I might not be able to go because I can’t afford it. When I pop into town through the market some people are handing out leaflets and I take one to be polite. It has a big piggy bank on the front and talks about saving for something. I shove it in my pocket till later.

When I am home and cleaning out my pockets i find the leaflet, it talks about saving and loans I don’t really understand it if I’m honest. I google Clevr Money and the first page on the website is showing how much you can borrow and that you can pay it back over time with very little interest. I only need a small amount to pay for the flights which I have now and the rest I don’t need yet because we pay for the hotel when we get there.

I filled the form in online to become a member and started by putting £5 in. Then each month putting £20 into my savings. I haven’t really noticed it coming out of my bank I am just being a little smarter and cutting back on spending money on other things. It’s a surprisingly good feeling to know I am saving for something and when it comes time to pay for it I do not need to worry.

The characters stories are based on real life events of individuals in Preston and the services that have helped them. 

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