Charlies Story: Benefit changes…

I have just finished college and enjoyed my study but know that further education is not for me. I am interested in getting a job but need some financial support whilst i look.

I do not have access to a computer and now I have finished college I am not sure where to go to use one to both look for a job but also apply for benefits. I have heard people mention a local community centre Intact and its not too far from my house so I can walk there.

A poster showed that every Wednesday Intact had a free drop in service to use the computers and also free and confidential support which would be great for me . I knew my mum was also confused by the process and wasn’t sure what it meant for the family income so i convinced her to come along.

On the following Wednesday i attended the session. The staff were helpful and spoke to my mum about Universal credit and helped us change our circumstances online as now I am looking for work.

I wasn’t sure how to verify my ID but the centre helped me scan a photo on of my passport which helped speed up the process. We didn’t realise how much the local community centre could help and it’s been nice to know support is so close.

The characters stories are based on real life events of individuals in Preston and the services that have helped them. 


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