Charlies Story

Hi I am Charlie…

I am the oldest in my family and my mum has brought me and my younger brothers up.

I am just finishing school and don’t know what options are out there. I know my mum is struggling and want to help but I don’t know how.

I look after my younger brothers while my mum is at work and hang out with my friends when I can.

Universal Credit/ Benefit change 

I have just finished college and enjoyed my study but know that further education is not for me. I am interested in getting a job but need some financial support while I look.

Managing Debt, Budgeting and Saving

 Now I am on benefits while I look for work I am finding it difficult to do the things my friends want to do. 

Employment and Volunteering

I have always had an interest in construction and my mate was going to an open day at Preston Vocational center. So I went for a look around the center and had a taster of different trades


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