Covid-19 Help and Advice

The Coronavirus pandemic is set to fundamentally change the way we live our lives.

It is an anxious and upsetting time, and while the primary concern is health, our financial wellbeing is also important.

Many are worrying about losing their jobs, paying their mortgages and how sick pay and benefits will work.

To help, we are trying to bring you the most up to date information and try to answer your questions on these issues best we can.

It looks like the UK will be dealing with Covid-19 for a lot of this year and there’s still a lot of uncertainty about where we’ll end up.

The Money Advice Service have put together a section to make sure you’ve thought of everything.

The Money Advice Service


It looks like the UK will be dealing with Covid-19 for a lot of this year and there’s still a lot of uncertainty about where we’ll end up.


The Money Advice Service have put together a section to make sure you’ve thought of everything.


Money Saving Expert

Money Saving Expert have information on financial help and rights during the coronavirus pandemic.

Everything from sick pay, mortgages, rent help, train refunds, energy top-ups and more.


Just Finance Foundation

The Just Finance Foundation recognizes the significant impact that the Covid-19 outbreak will have on the finances and daily lives of all in the uk.

The Foundation is deeply concerned for its supporters, friends, families and recipients of Just Finance Foundation interventions.

Therefore, they have compiled a short signposting page to help navigate this difficult period.


Government Information

Universal Credit Guide Finder

Information about Universal Credit is available on GOV.UK.

There are lots of detailed guides covering specific topics which provide additional information to help claimants, landlords, stakeholders and advisers.

The Universal Credit (UC) website provides easy to find information guides, which provides links to all the current guidance available to make it easier for you.  

Benefit reviews and assessments

You can find benefit reviews and reassessment information on the GOV.UK website.

Benefit reviews and reassessments are suspended.

Along with reviews and reassessments for disability benefits are also suspended for the next three months.

Coronavirus support for vulnerable people

Vulnerable people can get Coronavirus support.

Approximately 1.5 million people will be sent a letter from the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP).

However, if the vulnerable person cannot:

  • Read it,
  • Not IT literate
  • Not connected
  • Not registered with a GP

That person may not be aware of the extra support they can access.

Do you know that extremely vulnerable people should be registered on GOV.UK – get support for extremely vulnerable person.

If you know that person you can refer them to the above website or register on their behalf.

High risk diseases and conditions

This is the updated list of diseases and conditions considered to be very high risk:

  1. Solid organ transplant recipients
  2. People with specific cancers
  3. People with cancer who are undergoing active chemotherapy or radical radiotherapy for lung cancer
  4. People with cancers of the blood or bone marrow such as leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma who are at any stage of treatment
  5. People having immunotherapy or other continuing antibody treatments for cancer
  6. People having other targeted cancer treatments which can affect the immune system, such as protein kinase inhibitors or PARP inhibitors
  7. People who have had bone marrow or stem cell transplants in the last 6 months, or who are still taking immunosuppression drugs
  8. People with severe respiratory conditions including all cystic fibrosis, severe asthma and severe COPD
  9. People with rare diseases and inborn errors of metabolism that significantly increase the risk of infections (such as SCID, homozygous sickle cell)
  10. People on immunosuppression therapies sufficient to significantly increase risk of infection
  11. People who are pregnant with significant heart disease, congenital or acquired”

Online Coronavirus – (Covid 19) Scams

With all the information around about the Coronavirus and all the Government advice and guidance, there is also sadly a lot of incorrect information, along with several scams going around.  

Please access the newsletter from theNorth West Organised Crime Unit.

This newsletter displays the latest National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and Action Fraud information, alerting people to the latest online cyber security threats.

It also contains the current guidance to stay safe online whilst working from home. 

If you would like to receive regular updates on this type of information, please sign up to the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit to receive the latest newsletter.