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Free Wellbeing Programme

Mandala Yoga are running a free programme from January to April 2021 for the following wellbeing sessions.

In partnership with Active Lancashire and Sport England as well as the community of yoga students and teachers, this free programme is available to anyone. Many of us have been affected by reduced incomes and additional stressors at this time and it’s more important than ever to join together in community and to look after our wellbeing.

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy community and joyful physical activity together, so whatever your circumstances, if you would like to attend please do book your place on our timetable.

Classes Available

Chair Yoga – Monday 5pm – 5.54pm

Ease out aches, pains and stiffness with this very gentle class. Suitable for everyone including if you have mobility issues.

Gentle Stretch Yoga – Tuesday 2.30pm – 3.30pm

Very gentle beginner-friendly yoga class with seated and standing options. Suitable for everyone.

Energetic Yoga – Tuesday 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Beginner-friendly energetic yoga class to release tension and anxiety. You will learn a sequence so that you can see your progress.

Disco Barre – Wednesday 7.30pm – 8.15pm

A combination of simple beginner-friendly ballet and yoga moves with dancefloor moves to build strength, flexibility and fitness.

Lively and fun with 70s and 80s tunes.

Pound DrumBeat Fit – Friday 1pm – 1.45pm

Great fun full body workout that gets your brain and body to work together as you keep the beat with drumsticks while squatting and lunging!

How do I Book?

To book one of the above classes please visit Mandala Yoga website.

Anyone can book to participate in the classes.

If you are referring a client please provide the client with the link to the Mandala Yoga website timetable.

 Classes show on the timetable 4 weeks before they take place to try to avoid them getting booked up ahead of time and then people’s plans changing. 

 If you would like to discuss which class is best for you, please contact Emma on Emmabebliss@outlook.com or call on 07549 934 944.