Stand Up to Hate Crime 

Below is a real life case study from someone in Preston. The names have been changed.

Emily has a learning disability and lived at home with her mother. Unfortunately, when her mother passed away Emily was left in a vulnerable situation and was taken advantage of. A young man falsely claimed to be Emily’s new boyfriend and began stealing her money. Along with the financial exploitation, Emily received on going verbal abuse from him regarding her disability. Emily felt very isolated and depressed as a result of this.

She reported the crimes to Disability Equality North West (DENW). DENW are a third party reporting centre and assisted Emily in reporting the crimes to the Police. DENW also provided Emily with on-going support in the forms of one-to-one sessions and informal events and activities where she met people in similar situations. Emily has progressed really well with the support of DENW and now holds a volunteer role at the charity. She is considerably happier and feels much safer with all of the support.

Disability Equality NW

Disability Equality North West is a Disabled People’s Organisation (DPO) that started in 1996. The organisation is run and controlled by disabled people.

The main aim is to further the human rights of disabled people across the North West and we provide a number of user-led services to support disabled people and achieve this aim.

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