Community project support

The main sources of help for community projects from Lancashire County Council are:

Lancashire County Council’s Community Projects team use their skills and experience to work with the people of Lancashire to support projects to strengthen communities and improve wellbeing. We support projects with realistic goals that, encourage people to be healthier and improve their local environment.

We are particularly keen to work with:

  • Projects to support Health & Wellbeing, where they are led by local community members.
  • Improvements to green spaces, particularly in area with limited quality green space.
  • Food-growing and healthy eating projects.
  • Improvements to community buildings, and support to community asset transfer projects.
  • Training and development support.

If you believe that your organisation and project activity match these criteria and would like our assistance, please contact:

Community Projects
Christ Church Precinct
County Hall Preston
01772 530650

External Funding

The Community Projects team is working with partners to identify and provide external funding opportunities for local people, community groups and organisations.

Potential grant funding opportunities can now be accessed on the new, free-to-use Lancashire County Council 4 Community online search tool. To register and find out more, please visit Lancashire County Council 4 Community. 

Help and advice on making a funding application is available on the Lancashire County Council 4Community online search tool. For additional information on local statistics to support your application visit Lancashire Insight


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