Lancashire Recovery College

The Lancashire Recovery College offers free wellbeing courses for anyone to learn how to stay, creative, happy and well.

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About Lancashire Recovery College

  • The Recovery College courses are a safe and friendly space for people to learn and share, if they wish, without feeling judged. They are also interactive and specially designed to make sure attendees do not feel they are back in school. Participants will be challenged to look inwards, and to reflect on how they perceive the world to enable them to break down barriers.

Contact Information

The Recovery college will run every Monday at the Harris Library in the Wellbeing gallery from the first week in September 2019.

Working with specialist partner organisations people will be able to access support, information and guidance on all things that are affecting their life, from debt, work, benefits, housing and other challenges, so they can find the right support at the right time.

No referral is needed anyone can drop by, you may be signposted to the college by your GP, care worker or family as a way to help, just drop by on a Monday and we will see how we can help.

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or ring     01772 695365

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