Learning and skills development


Continuing your learning journey as an adult will have a positive impact on many areas of your life. 

How we live and work is changing all the time: advancements in technology, changes in society, family commitments, our health and wellbeing and the culture of work all affect the way in which we work and live.

Keeping up with changes can feel daunting, especially if you have been out of work or education for a long time.  

Across the city there are arrange of training providers, further education settings and organisations that provide community learning courses.

Whether you are looking to enrol in to full time formal education, part time courses, pursue a hobby, get self-employment support, develop your skills or build on existing knowledge and interests there is something for everyone here in Preston.

Useful Organisations…

We are Inspira, a leading non-profit career management and personal development organisation operating in the North West of England. Our mission is to empower young people and adults with the skills and confidence they need to reach their potential in life and work