If you live with a partner and one of you has reached pension age, but the other hasn’t, then the rules are changing….
Not already getting Pension Credit or Housing Benefit?
Then from 15th May 2019, you’ll have to claim Universal Credit instead – which is much less generous!
You may be entitled to Pension Credit or Housing Benefit now

Act Now 

Margaret is 56 and David is 66. They pay £100 a week for their rented two bed house. They have savings of £9,000.
Margaret works part-time, and their total income including David’s pensions is £400 a week.
They make a claim for Housing Benefit and are surprised to be awarded over £70 a month!
Then in September 2019 Margaret finishes work, and they just have David’s pension as income. Because they are already on Housing Benefit they can make a new claim for Pension Credit.
If they hadn’t already been on Housing Benefit they’d have had to claim Universal Credit instead – but they wouldn’t have been entitled to any! Because they made a claim for Housing Benefit before it was too late, they safeguarded their future income and are £640 per month better off!

 Taken from https://www.housingsystems.co.uk/Tools/Have-You-Seen/Leaflets/Pension-Credit-leaflet


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