Warm and Safe Homes Advice

A free and confidential advice service which help people with managing their energy so they can stay warm, safe and dry in their homes.

NEA offer advice on energy bills as well as benefit entitlement checks and claim support.

Call – 0800 915 9075

Warm and Safe Homes (WASH) Advice

NEA is the national charity helping to make sure everyone can afford to stay warm, safe and dry in their homes.

Our WASH advice service offers free and confidential advice to householders living in England on managing energy bills, energy efficiency and income maximisation.

NEA can help you with

  • Registering on your suppliers Priority Services Register
  • Applying for the £140 Warm Home Discount rebate –  eligibility criteria will apply
  • Switching suppliers
  • Energy efficiency in the home
  • Applications for grants and trusts
  • Negotiating with energy and water providers
  • Benefits advice, entitlement and claim support
  • Applications for emergency hardship funding ie: gas/electricity top ups (subject to availability)

You can give NEA a call on 0800 915 9075, ask a support agency to refer you or email fishwick@nea.org.uk

You can also visit the NEA website for more information.