Furniture and household items

Millions of household items are sent to landfill every year, but these could be reused by people that need them.

Charities and organisations in Preston can provide free or low cost second hand furniture and electrical household items.

You maybe entitled to household items through Lancashire County Council’s Crisis support scheme.

Charities and organisations are always in need of donations of furniture and household items as well, so if you have any spare items you don’t want, give it to someone who needs it. 


Where to get furniture and household items

Gift 92

Gift 92 providing essential furniture and household items to hundreds of individuals, couples and families every year in real need to build a stable home.

British Heart Foundation

This store sells a wide variety of good quality pre-owned furniture and home appliances. Whether you’re looking for a modern item, an antique gem or something chic, this store is ideal.

Emmaus Preston

This massive charity shop, is stocked full of donated furniture, white goods, bicycles,  household items, clothes and unique finds.  Furniture is one of our main areas.