Rob’s Story: Managing Debt, Saving and Budgeting


Work has been going well lately and I recently got promoted. Through saving we scraped together enough to put down a deposit on a house. We are so excited we can finally put down roots in preparation to welcoming our baby.

The house itself needs work doing but we only just had enough to get the house never mind make it a home. My main priority is keeping my wife and child warm so am keen to get double glazed windows. Not only for the health benefits but also to save us money in the long term with our fuel bills.

When I approached my bank they turned me down for a loan, I had heard horror stories about door stop lenders and high interest loan companies. I didn’t want to have to go down that route. I googled ‘ethical loans Preston” and Lancashire Community Finance was the first that popped up. They have a walk in shop so I popped in and mentioned to the receptionist I was there to discuss a loan.

Lancashire Community Finance assessed my application for a Home Improvement Loan and explained how under this loan scheme, we were able to agree a loan of £1,600 at a monthly repayment of just £25, well within our budget. Everything was explained to me and I was included in the process which made me feel more in control.

This is the beginning of a new chapter in our life and the relief of starting it on a positive foot has helped massively

The characters stories are based on real life events of individuals in Preston and the services that have helped them. 

Lancashire Community Finance

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