Rob’s Story

Hi I am Rob…

My wife and I have just moved into Preston for a job opportunity.  

My wife is 7 months pregnant and it will be our first child together. I am nervous and feel I have a lot of responsibility to provide for my family.

We are currently renting as we cannot afford to buy a house and living pay cheque to pay cheque. Hopefully this new job will open up opportunities for me.

Universal Credit/ Benefit change 

New area, new job and new responsibilities. I do not know where to start?

Handling Debt, Budgeting and Saving 

Work has been going well lately and I recently got promoted. Through saving we scraped together enough to put down a deposit on a house.


Employment and Volunteering

 I am now getting comfortable in my new role at work but it has been suggested from senior management that I re take my GCSE Maths because without it, it might hinder my chances at further promotions.

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