Disability Equality North West

Help celebrate Stephen’s life and legacy on Wednesday 23rd April 1pm – 2.30pm  at Disability Equality North West. Free refreshments, safe environemnt #supporttoreport for more details ring 01772 558863 ext 2011

Community News

Coronavirus Help and Advice

Covid-19 Help and Advice The Coronavirus pandemic is set to fundamentally change the way we live our lives. It is an anxious and upsetting time, and while the primary concern is health, our financial wellbeing is also important. Many are worrying about losing their...

Mixed age couples pension credit or housing benefit

If you live with a partner and one of you has reached pension age, but the other hasn’t, then the rules are changing….Not already getting Pension Credit or Housing Benefit?Then from 15th May 2019, you’ll have to claim Universal Credit instead - which is much less...