Talk Money Week is here!

Every year we encourage people to have a conversation about money to improve their financial wellbeing.

It’s been an amazing week so far, with organisations across the UK hosting activities and sharing ways their customers and employees can have a conversation.

What we’re not saying: the UK’s money S£CR£TS

Money and Pensions Service research released on Monday showed that 21 million money S£CR£TS are being kept from loved ones across the UK.

Five reasons why we don’t #TalkMoney

On Wednesday Money and Pensions Service explored the top reasons why we don’t talk about money.

Talk about money on social media

Join the conversation with hundreds of organisations at #TalkMoney on social media.

Resources to help you #TalkMoney in…..

…your front line job

Money worries influence millions of people to reach out for help from front-line services such as housing, health and charities. We’re piloting a new Money Guiders programme to support front line workers who offer money guidance as part of a wider service, and to equip them with the skills and recognition they need to make a greater impact. Learn more and join the pilot.

….the debt advice process

Financial capability and debt advice have developed as two largely distinct areas of focus. However, by providing these services together there are opportunities to improve how clients respond to debt advice and build their financial capability. Learn more

Thanks from our chair – Sir Hector Sants comments on Talk Money Week

“I’d like to say thank you to the teams and partners for all their hard work during Talk Money Week. It’s not just about saying thank you but also viewing what’s been done and seeing how it’s borne fruit. 

Viewing what’s happened, it’s clear that the publicity has been fantastic, the engagement has been fantastic and the spreading of awareness and attracting new people to the debate has been fantastic.

I’d like to thank our partners for engaging during Talk Money Week and a key part of that engagement is that the enthusiasm continues on an on-going basis after #TalkMoney and in the longer term as we seek to deliver the national strategy.”