Volunteers enrich our society and have a very important role in bringing communities together and strengthening services and organisations.

As well as helping others, volunteering can have a positive effect on your health and wellbeing.

What are the benefits to volunteering?

Make a difference to the lives of others

Gain new experiences

Create connections with people

Build on career opportunities

Develop skills

Increase social and relationship skills

Increase self-confidence skills

Provide a sense of purpose

Feel valued and part of a team

Reduce social isolation

Provide a route to employment

Tips to consider getting started

First, ask yourself if there is something specific you want to do.

For example, do I want…

to improve the neighbourhood where I live

to meet people who are different than me

to try something new

to do something with my spare time

to see a different way of life and new places

to have a go at the type of work I might want as a full-time job

to do more with my interests and hobbies

to share something I’m good at

 Having answers to these questions will help you narrow down your search.

Source: World Volunteer Web

Where can I volunteer?

Locally there are a range of organisations that are actively seeking volunteers to enhance their services and provide opportunities for people who are looking to increase their skills, experience and support their communities.

Lancashire Volunteer Partnership

The Lancashire Volunteer Partnership provide opportunities for people to make a real difference in your local community.


If you care about homelessness and want to do something about it then pledge your support to Emmaus Preston.

You can make a difference to the lives of people who have experienced and are now supported at our Preston community.

The Foxton Centre

Whether it’s chasing up people, helping to organise an event, distributing posters, recruiting fundraisers and much more, there’s a role for you. 

You can volunteer as a one off or on a regular basis so get in contact and discuss what you would like to do.

Caritas Care

Caritas Care have many different volunteering roles across the organisation depending on the type of work you want to do and the times you are available.

Even if you can only offer a few hours a week (on a regular basis) they can usually find a mutually beneficial role that will help the charity to reach its goals, and you to reach yours.

Sue Ryder Retail Limited

Being a Sue Ryder volunteer is a great way to gain skills, meet new people, take an active role in your community and could even help you develop a career in the charity sector.

As a Sue Ryder volunteer you’ll develop your skills and experience, make new friends, and have a really good time along the way.

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust

Currently around 700 people donate their time to support staff to deliver the very highest standards of care with compassion.

Volunteers undertake a wide variety of roles, from running the coffee shops to helping patients and visitors find their way around.

Do it online

Do it online lists over 1 million volunteering opportunities that are posted by volunteer centres, national/local charities and voluntary groups.

Enabling 200,000 people every month to donate their time and build their skills, Do-it ensures that almost 70,000 organisations find the help they need to provide vital services to the community.

Lancashire Care Foundation Trust

Volunteers play an important role in the Trust by providing non-clinical support to healthcare professionals.

Anyone over the age of 16 years can volunteer. If volunteering for mental health services you need to be 18.

The Trust welcomes everyone to bring their own experience to the volunteer services programme.

Lets Grow Preston

Let’s Grow Preston is a community based charity established to develop and support a network of community environmental groups, activities and projects 


Provides support, advice, drop in and signposting services

Intact has a long history of working with volunteers and are proud to have held the ‘Investor in Volunteers Award’. This award demonstrates Intacts commitment to the development and quality of volunteering opportunities


Age Concern - Volunteering feels good!


Age Concern is all about volunteers. From the people who shift socks in our shops to those blazing a trail as trustees they’re absolutely everywhere within the charity. We live and breathe volunteering and love it that way! If you’d like to volunteer for Age Concern, no matter in what capacity or no matter the hours then get in touch and we’ll have a chat.

Join the Age Concern volunteer army and make a difference! Remember; volunteering feels good. We have the cause and you have the effect…


Sound Skills

Preston Vocational Centre

Preston Muslim Forum

PHX Training


Kings Church CAP


Harris Library

Armed Forces Group

Sion Park

St Matthew's Mission

Places for People

Let's Grow Peston