Welfare support for University of Central Lancashire students

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) is committed to supporting its students as much as possible during these challenging times. 

We appreciate it can be more difficult for our international students who may not have been able to return home due to the Covid pandemic and the subsequent flight restrictions.  We are working hard to ensure we provide additional support to them.

Some of our students have needed to remain in halls of residence and we have waived the final semester payment fees for all UCLan contracted halls of residence.

We have reassured our international students that no additional payments will be required even if they still need accommodation after the term has finished and until flight restrictions are lifted.

We have also spoken to private accommodation providers to see if we can help influence their decisions about waiving accommodation payments during this period.

For those in private accommodation that is not UCLan contracted, our professional team in Student Services will be able to advise if students need further support – privateaccommodation@uclan.ac.uk

Covid-19 Hardship fund

We have also set up financial assistance in the form of a UCLan Covid Hardship fund.

This fund has been established to support students in financial hardship with daily living expenses directly caused by the current epidemic with a possible financial payment being made to students on a four-week basis.

Students should contact thei@uclan.ac.uk to find out about the support available and in particular how to make an application for funding if needed.

Working with Preston Promise

The University is also working with one of our Honorary Fellows Gulab Singh, MBE, and the community group Preston Promise to arrange for meals to be served to students on the University campus in Foster Building from Saturday 9 May.

 Student support service

UCLan has a student support service which is available whether that is for financial issues, student wellbeing or for general advice and the Students’ Union Advice Centre can also support students with any issues as well.